Vegan Athlete Website Traffic Explodes Following “The Game Changers” Netflix Release

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Record breaking website traffic hit the site “Great Vegan Athletes” hard in October after “The Game Changers” premiered on Netflix. The spike saw 53,000 new visitors a 235 percent increase.

The site features profiles and news of vegan athletes including Lewis Hamilton, Patrick Baboumian, and more. Co founder Cris Iles openly credited the documentary for the massive increase in traffic and has said the site experienced problems due to all of the new visitors like slowed load times.

Cris Iles said in a statement:

“Our original motivation was to shatter stereotypes and show vegans can thrive, so it’s amazing to see so many people enjoying our content, part of this is the fantastic reaction to The Game Changers, although we’ve also seen our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts grow and raise our profile – and this year alone we’ve added 40 news items of achievements by elite vegans in sport.We’re hoping we can find support above this level out there and buy a premium package for scheduling some of the social media material which generates interest in our site and the athletes. This would not only optimize material, but free up the time of our volunteers to write more, do more site work, get articles published, and generally promote what these amazing athletes are doing.”

Peter Kirwan said that the website is run by volunteers and has operated for years out of their own pockets but now they need more financing to keep the site running under so much demand and even to take it up a notch.

The website that has been run on a “shoestring budget” needs to be upgraded which requires moving to a new hosting provider with a larger capacity. To afford this move they’ve started a Patreon you can click here to support.

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