Designers Create Vegan Cashmere Made From Tofu

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KD New York a dance wear apparel company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new vegan cashmere made from the leftover soybean fiber created during tofu production. 

Vegan cashmere is sustainable since it’s made from a normally disposed of by product, flexible, has anti bacterial properties, is machine washable, has “superior drape and breathability”, biodegradable and most importantly cruelty free. 

The new vegan cashmere collection will feature 13 pieces including hoodies, camisoles, shawls, leg warmers, and leggings. David Lee co founder said in a post:

“We launched this campaign on Kickstarter so we can remain independent, and reach a community that believes in true sustainability and innovation, we passed our target with about 6 hours to go. It was a wonderful and exhilarating day, and we have you to thank for it.”

Their goal was $51,000 dollars and when the Kickstarter completed they had racked up $54,238 dollars from 243 backers.

Lee closed out the Kickstarter by adding:

“Of course, now, the real work begins. We embrace it with enthusiasm and humility. Thank you so much for the friendship, camaraderie, and support.”d in 1980 by Tricia Kaye and David Lee the KD New York co founders have hand made,  manufactured, knitted, and designed the products themselves according to the company.

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