90% Of Vegan Food Not Eaten By Vegans

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90% of those that purchased plant based alternatives to animal products are not vegan or vegetarian says a new report by research firm The NPD group. The top consumers according to the new report discovered that millennials born between 1981- 86 are by far the top consumers of vegan alternatives followed by Gen X (1960-80) are a close second many of whom are the parents to Gen Z (1997- ?) who is more vegan and shows more interest in veganism and animal product free alternatives than any generation at their age previously.

“First and foremost, taste is king when considering entering the plant-based foods category,” Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst, said. 

“Attributes such as health and convenience go far to drive consumption, but if the flavor profile falls below consumers’ expectations, then the product will likely have a short run. Whether it’s marketing a plant-based burger that reproduces the meat-eating experience or a dairy alternative that has the taste and texture of milk, consumers now have substitution without sacrifice.” 

The first half of 2019 saw U.S. consumers purchasing 228 million vegan burgers at fast food restaurants like Burger King and their Impossible Whopper according to The NPD Group’s July report. That’s a 10% increase from the same time back in 2018. Their report also reveals that this same group of non vegan consumers purchased beef products at the same time, in fact an incredible 95% of them did.

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