3 Species Of Pangolin Near Extinction

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Three different species of pangolins are nearing closer and closer to extinction every passing day as animal rights activist continue to try and get governments around the world to get stronger anti poaching laws in place.

Of the eight species of pangolin, three are considered endangered from both poaching and deforestation. Found throughout Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and many countries in Africa the pangolin is poached for the supposed medicinal use of their scales throughout Asia.

They are also poached for their meat and continue to endure a diminishing habitat leaving them in an ecologically bad position. In fact, of the three varieties currently inching towards extinction, two of them have seen their numbers drop 50% in the last 21 years while the third has seen an 81% decrease in their population. At this rate, we will see complete extinction of all three varieties within the next 20 years. 

This is why it is imperative to better protect the pangolins and work towards curbing poaching and discrediting any information that implies pangolin scales have medicinal benefits leading to a decreased desire to have them.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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