Taco Bell Adds Vegan Meat To Menu

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Infamously Taco Bell said they wouldn’t be adding plant based meats from Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat to their menu earlier this year. They instead doubled down on their “vegetarian menu” and came out with vegan certified sauces.

Well their tune has changed drastically and it’s probably from seeing Burger King and KFC’s massive successes with meat alternatives.

The “Oatrageous Taco” is as the name implies made primarily from oats and legumes, served as a crunchy taco with a creamy non vegan chipotle sauce, dairy cheese, and topped with shredded lettuce. 

It was first tested at locations in Finland and then expanded to locations in Spain. Next year Taco Bell has plans to take the “Oatrageous Taco” throughout Europe but fear not U.S. based readers Steven Gomez, Taco Bell’s Director of International Product Development is teasing that U.S. locations are next!

“Never say never” Gomez said about bringing the vegan meat option to the United States’ 7,000 plus locations.

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