KFC Sells Out Of Vegan Chicken In 6 Hours

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It’s official! KFC sold out of their vegan chicken sandwich and popcorn chicken in six hours! As stated in our previous story about this test in Canada if this went well KFC would take the vegan chicken national across all of Canada.

The chicken was made by Lightlife Foods and was cooked separately in the French fry fryer. This one time test on November 27th at one store location in Mississauga Ontario being a blow out success means that 2020 will see the rise of vegan fried chicken!

This recent test eco’s the test done over the summer in Atlanta Georgia where a Beyond Meat version of KFC’s vegan chicken sold out in five hours with huge lines waiting to just get a chance to purchase the plant based alternative.

We are sure to see vegan fried chicken again in the new year certainly in Canada but in the United States too and I for one welcome our finger lickin’ good overlords.

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Brandon Kirkwood

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