El Pollo Loco Now Has Vegan Chicken At 485 Locations

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El Pollo Loco has made history becoming the very first national chain restaurant to carry vegan chicken at their nearly 500 locations.

After El Pollo experimented with a “Chickenless Pollo” they reformulated it into the current offering that’s getting rave reviews.

“Vegans rule this roost. Order a newly vegan certified Chickenless Pollo burrito today. 🌯”

The previous formulation of the “Chickenless Pollo” was added back in February but was unfortunately not vegan as it was marinated in a sauce containing egg enzymes.

Now that El Pollo finally has a vegan formulation that is produced from non-GMO soy and marinated in a now egg-free vegan adobo sauce it has been certified as vegan by the American Vegetarian Association.

“Coming off the heels of our Chickenless Pollo launch in February, our customers asked for a vegan option on social media and we listened,” El Pollo Loco CEO Bernard Acoca said

“We quickly reformulated the recipe in a matter of a few months to introduce an American Vegetarian Association Certified chicken alternative that met the needs of vegan palates. It also allowed us to take a step further in the plant-based space and continue our long-term commitment to diversifying our menu with better-for-you options.”

Much like ordering every vegan’s favorite fast food snack at Taco bell “Fresco” style El Pollo Loco customers can now tell employees that they’d like to “Make it vegan” when ordering the new “Chickenless Pollo” option for tacos and burritos.

Saying “Make it vegan” removes all the “dairy” cheese, Creamy Cilantro Dressing) that otherwise comes on the meal normally. 

CEO of El Pollo Loco Bernard Acoca went on to explain that the new “Chickenless Pollo” is just the first step into a vegan future for the company and its vegan options.

“With our longstanding commitment to championing making healthier eating more accessible, customers can expect that our menu will continue to evolve and diversify with additional plant-based innovations—without leaving behind our signature flavor attributes, by taking cues from our signature fire-grilled chicken,” Acoca said. 

Plant-based vegan chicken alternatives have been tested for years across the globe and repeatedly in the United States throughout 2019.

Competing fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken tested Beyond Meats Beyond Chicken twice in the Atlanta Georgia area last year selling out in less than four hours.

KFC also ran a test in Canada using Lightlife plant-based chicken selling out in mere hours at several locations.

On February 3rd of this year, KFC launched Beyond Meat’s Beyond Chicken at nearly 100 locations in the Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee areas as the beginning of a nationwide rollout of the product.

Beyond Meat also has their vegan meats at Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell in all of China one of the most populous nations on earth.

As animal agriculture continues to lose ground that has been accelerated by public fears of disease heightened this year more and more companies have begun rolling out plant-based and vegan meat alternatives because it’s the future.

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