JUST Egg Dropping Price This Spring

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Coming this spring May of 2020 JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) will be unveiling their brand new reformulated version of their vegan plant-based JUST Egg at a substantially lower price point than before.

JUST says in a statement that their new formulation made using a mung bean-based liquid mixture is “cleaner, creamier, and more egg-like” compared with its non-plant-based chicken secretion counterpart.

We previously reported back on December 14th that JUST had just recently purchased and begun renovations on a 30,000 square foot production building that sits on 40 acres of land in Appleton Minnesota.

The company did this in order to scale up their production of the JUST Egg product so that it could become cheaper. The goal is to get it cheaper than traditional chicken eggs to outsell animal agriculture creating a tipping point.

The price of JUST Egg is going to be reduced by around 35 percent says JUST. The suggested retail price for their 12-ounce bottles should go from its current price of $7.99 down to a new suggested retail price of $4.99. Interestingly enough bottles have already begun to show up for $3.99 at ALDI grocery stores.

“Our team at JUST is second to none and we’re excited for people to try what we’ve been working on,” Chef Chris Jones, Vice President of Product Development at JUST. “We’ll keep making JUST Egg tastier, more functional, and enjoyable for omnivores, plant-based eaters, and everyone in between.”

Also premiering this spring in April a new JUST Egg folded omelet will be available nationwide across the United States. The pre-made frozen vegan omelet will be packaged as an 8 ounce each pack of four selling for a suggested retail price of $4.99.

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