JUST Egg Omelets Coming To Stores Nationwide

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A new JUST Egg product from the company JUST will be premiering this April spring of 2020. The folded JUST Egg is a plant-based vegan omelet that will be available in the frozen food sections at retailers across the United States.

Some retailers include select Safeway stores, Whole Foods Markets, Stop & Shop in the Northeast, Giant Martin’s in the Mid-Atlantic (with more than 5,000 stores), Gelson’s Markets in Southern California, with more yet to be announced.

JUST’s new creation is a fluffy and folded plant-based vegan omelet made from a new version of their mung bean-based JUST Egg. It will come divided into 8-once packs of four omelets at a suggested retail price of about $4.99 which reflects the new price decrease coming with their bottled JUST Egg product in the spring as well.

The new omelet from the company will also be available in restaurants and at other food retailers. It will be used in breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, as a topping or in addition to other dishes.

This has been an incredible journey for JUST and their products especially JUST Egg. After a massive issue we reported on back in 2017 the company decided to focus on their plant-based vegan egg product debuting it in 2018.

Since then they’ve sold the JUST Egg equivalent of 20 Million chicken eggs up until the present moment. Giant, Kroger, Costco, Walmart, ALDI as well as foodservice providers, fast-food restaurants, college canteens, resorts, Tim Hortons, Bareburger and more have all been selling the product successfully. 

“2020 is the year that our work to build a world-class technology platform and compelling brand is being realized,” JUST CEO Josh Tetrick said. “It’s humbling to see the overwhelming response to our team’s hard work.”

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