The Worlds First Vegan Culinary School Opening In Colorado This Summer

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The Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy will be opening this summer in Boulder Colorado and will be led by award-winning vegan chef Mark Reinfeld.

Reinfeld will be training the newest generation of chefs in vegan plant-based restaurants across the world. With veganism being the fastest-growing portion of the foodservice industry there’s a big future for this new school and its students.

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, hands-on culinary education combining the latest skills, techniques, and equipment with time-tested methodologies to create stellar vegan and raw cuisine,” The Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy‘s website says. 

The Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy has applied with the state of Colorado to be the first accredited vegan culinary school in the United States.

“Located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, the Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy offers professional career training as well as classes for passionate home cooks. 

The state-of-the-art culinary facility also hosts educational workshops, professional intensives for working chefs and community events.” The website continues  

They will offer three distinct programs: an intensive, full-time course for aspiring chefs; two-day and five-day training for current culinary professionals looking to grow their knowledge of plant-based cooking; and workshops, evening classes, and five- to 10-day immersions for home cooks.

A litany of guest instructors will include industry leaders like Miyoko Schinner founder and owner of Miyoko’s Creamery and multiple cookbooks, Ron Pickarski, Fran Costigan, Dreena Burton, JL Fields and likely more to be announced in the coming months between now and the summer.

The Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy will also host many community events, professional intensives for chefs already working out in the world and educational workshops so the public can take classes to learn about plant-based vegan cooking.

From the website:

“Welcome to one of the first professional cooking schools in the world dedicated to classic and cutting-edge vegan and raw cuisine while building a thriving vegan community. 

For aspiring chefs, passionate home cooks, culinary professionals, and health practitioners. Chef Mark is currently offering consulting and our school opens in summer, 2020.

Founded by Award-winning chef Mark Reinfeld, a pioneer in the plant-based culinary world.

Our mission is to change the culture of cooking by bringing mindfulness, passion, and compassion to the culinary world. We provide our students with the skills and expertise to prepare world-class plant-based cuisine using all of the amazing fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices that the earth has to offer.  

Our students receive a comprehensive, hands-on culinary education to ensure they thrive as innovative leaders in plant-based cuisine.”

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