Slutty Vegan’s Pinky Cole Launches Own Brand Of Rap Snack Potato Chips

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How many times can one person and their business end up in the news in one month?

The answer is multiple times so far for Pinky Cole and her Atlanta vegan restaurant Slutty Vegan.

Rap Snacks, a hip-hop culture-inspired brand of potato chips after a previous collaboration to bring some of Slutty Vegan’s flavors to over 100,000 stores at the end of last year is now putting Pinky Cole on the packages.

“Rap Snacks is truly excited to partner with Slutty Vegan to bring our first-ever Rap Snacks vegan chip option to our customers, Slutty Vegan has been immensely influential in introducing veganism to the culturally rich community of Atlanta and beyond.

It’s always exciting to join forces with a brand that shares the same underlying mission as we do here at Rap Snacks—to push culture forward through food.

This partnership will create limitless possibilities across both the Rap Snacks and Slutty Vegan brands; more importantly, providing communities across the country who have limited access to vegan options, a health-conscious, alternative snack.” Rap Snacks Founder and CEO James Lindsay said in 2019 after the initial collaboration was announced.

Rap Snacks founder and CEO James Lindsay

Alongside such hip-hop icons like Fabulous, Migos, Cardi B, and Notorious B.I.G. Cole adorns her own vegan maple-flavored BBQ snack bag.

“It has been a dream come true,” Cole told the Daily News. “A non-rapper on a bag of Rap Snacks just shows that rapping is more than just music. It is a universal art that can be used to bring people together.”

Pinky Cole poses with the new Rap Snack chip bag bearing her image

“The everyday goal and intention for me is to connect people and connect with people,” the Baltimore native continued. 

“A bag of chips that is commonly known for having rappers means the intention is clear to unite people one chip at a time.”

“Vegan is the vibe” is the motto brandished atop each colorful 1.88-ounce bag of Slutty Vegan Maple BBQ-flavored kettle chips, which is available at over 100,000 locations across the U.S.

The Cardi B Jerk BBQ flavor Cole helped develop in her first collaboration with Rap Snacks.

She started her cooking career in Harlem where she sold jerked chicken in her pre-vegan days of entrepreneurship. 

After her chicken restaurant burned down in 2016 she returned back to Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated from the Clark Atlanta University that she continues to support by paying for scholarships for students with her restaurant profits.

Living in Atlanta she craved her favorite junk foods that lacked in the area so she decided to pursue her love of food and veganism opening Slutty Vegan as a food truck in 2018 that quickly became a full brick and mortar restaurant.

Soon she opened a west end Atlanta local that is a magnet for many black celebrities like Tyler Perry, Lala Anthony, Snoop Dogg, Shaq, and many more who rave about the food.

Many celebrities support what Cole is doing so fervently that they have bought out the restaurant so that customers can have free food days.

Customers often post on social media pictures of the 3-6 hour lines of people at both locations showing the immense popularity of her creations.

With beautifully sloppy burgers like “The One Night Stand” which is a vegan plant-based tower of delicious ingredients like vegan bacon, cheese, and sauce it’s easy to see why customers keep coming back.

A very photogenic picture of Slutty Vegan’s “One Night Stand” burger piled high.

James Lindsay the founder and CEO of Rap Snacks says this collaboration is an opportunity “to make history.”

“The strength of two black-owned brands coming together made sense, Our brands are viral and I believed in what Pinky was doing with Slutty Vegan and I wanted to find a way to align with the vegan culture that she is dominating,” he said

He continued “[It] means providing access to all communities with healthy options for snacks.”

The Rap Snacks brand was relaunched in 2016 as “the official snack of Hip-Hop culture.” Lindsay considers himself a “snack food connoisseur”.

Rap Snacks has some of the biggest rap icons of all time on their packaging.

“There isn’t a product that is currently in the market that represents the culture but also promotes healthy eating and is flavorful,” he added.

Rap Snacks is on the shelves in over 4,200 Walmart stores across the United States.

“[It] was an idea that was presented to help with expanding the Slutty Vegan brand awareness and connecting with people from all over.” Said Cole

“It’s been an amazing expansion to the Slutty Vegan ATL brand and has also allowed consumers to get a taste of just how yummy Vegan options can be,” the young entrepreneur added.

“We are helping people re-image food and this includes an everyday snack that people enjoy.”

Cole said that the chip flavors she helped choose and create were chosen by her with what would go best with her menu items.

“The maple bacon flavor which is the vegan chip apart of the Rap Snacks portfolio won me over,” Cole shared. 

“It’s an awesome feeling knowing everyone gets to enjoy the creation that is the Rap Snacks x Slutty Vegan ATL potato chip.”

Only the Slutty Vegan flavors are vegan as some of the other products in the line contain honey and dairy like other brands of chips, unfortunately, do as well.

She is looking to open 13 more locations for Slutty Vegan nationwide with two of those new locations set to open in Georgia later in 2020. 

Cole plans to scale the business to 13 locations nationally with designs to open two new locations in Georgia later this year.

Rap Snacks has plans for the future as well with their new recently launched PJ Foods brand that is a partnership with hip-hop legend Master P.

PJ Foods will be selling ramen noodles, rice, and pancake mix branded products featuring the rapper’s image and namesake. 

“All of the products will positively feature black influencers on its packaging,” Lindsay said. “Our goal is to create food items that reflect our cultural [unlike] past depictions such as Uncle Ben’s, Aunt Jemima, and brands alike.”

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