Veganism Reaching “Critical Mass”

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Forbes released its “30 Under 30” list recently that they put together every year listing the most influential young entrepreneurs. Many vegans ended up on the list including cofounder of Plant Power Fast Food Zach Vouga.

Forbes sorted through over 20,000 possible nominees and Vouga at 29 years old made that cut in the food and drink category. His California based all vegan fast food joints are looking to “create the vegan Mcdonald’s” and it’s working.

But fear not! The plant based fast food they serve isn’t just salads and wheat grass shots it’s good old fashioned American drive through window favorites. Milkshakes, chickn’ nuggets, and classic burgers are all there including “The Big Zac”. A vegan version of the Big Mac and named after Vouga it drips and oozes with their own “special sauce” without the cruelty or cholesterol.

“In many ways, the vegan movement has reached a critical mass and it’s only a matter of time before we take over. Our ‘tipping point’ is now, the beef industry is on its heels, the dairy industry is shaking, and the fast-food industry is literally scrambling to maintain relevancy. It’s a thing of beauty to live through and help actualize, and the nod from Forbes both signifies and fortifies the tidal change.”

Zach and his cofounders started this journey back in 2016 opening their first location in San Diego. They now have five Plant Powered Fast Food locations throughout California and a food truck too. Vouga said they plan to open three more locations in 2020.

We are watching veganism rise up from an obscure subculture into the mainstream supported by pre-vegans in the general public. We couldn’t have imagined even just five years ago that we’d see a stock launch like what Beyond Meat had this year. It’s a time of McDonalds testing a plant based burger patty, KFC testing vegan chicken AND selling out in mere hours, and a time of Burger King carrying a plant based Whopper burger at all of their 7,000 plus locations in America.

It’s an incredible time when we see companies like Smithfield Foods (one of the worlds largest “pork” producers) creating their own line of plant based meats because consumer demand has gotten so overwhelming they see the writing on the wall. It’s going to be a 140 billion dollar industry and they all want in.

We are watching and participating in history as it unfolds right before our eyes and it’s beautiful. Animal agriculture is predicted to collapse in the next decade and we will be there as the new entrepreneurs that lead the way into a vegan world. 

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Brandon Kirkwood

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