Singer Meat Loaf Goes Vegan, Refuses Name Change To Veg Loaf

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He’s joining fellow rockstars like Bryan Adams (who attributes his youthful look at 60 to veganism), Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Will.I.Am, and Sir Paul McCartney in going vegan this Veganuary

Let’s not forget he’s a screen star too so he joins Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Portman, and Simon Cowell who recent lost nearly 50 pounds thanks to a plant based vegan diet.

He was asked to rebrand himself as “Veg Loaf” for the UK restaurant chain Frankie & Benny’s but said he wouldn’t go that far with it.

“When Frankie & Benny’s first approached me to rebrand to Veg Loaf I said no way in hell; I won’t do that. But, I’d do anything for our planet and dropping meat for veg, even for just one day a week, can make a huge difference.” Meat Loaf said

Elise Ash, director of strategy and brand at Frankie & Benny’s, said: 

“We wanted to encourage diners to swap meat for veg this January, so who better to sign up than one of the most recognized artists on the planet. Funnily enough, our new video isn’t far off the original real-life pitch to Meat.”

“While we couldn’t convince him to rebrand to Veg Loaf, we’re just delighted he’s the headline act for our new vegan menu and helping spread the word on the benefits of tucking into our meat-free dishes.”

In the funny advertisement Meat Loaf is pitched the Veg Loaf name change along with vegan cheese less cheesecake and vegan mozzarella breadsticks.

Check out the hilarious commercial for the British restaurant below.

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