Joaquin Phoenix Just Got Arrested

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Joaquin Phoenix in the crowd of protestors before the arrest.

Joining Jane Fonda at her ongoing environmental protest in Washington D.C., Phoenix and other activists were arrested as they began climbing the stairs of the Capitol building.

This was the 14th Friday of Fonda’s “Fire Drill Friday” protesting that has seen many celebrities like Sam Waterston and Ted Danson show up in support, and also being arrested at her protest.

Fonda has been arrested four previous times at her own protest in the thirteen previous events. At 82 years old she’s trying to avoid a fifth arrest as it would lead to longer imprisonment and possibly more serious charges.

On Friday Phoenix alongside Martin Sheen were arrested at the protest and according to a tweet from journalist Hannah Jewell, Fonda told everyone Joaquin wasn’t invited. Phoenix reportedly told the crowd to go vegan before being taken away by authorities.

This will be the final Friday protest of Fonda’s in Washington D.C., she says it will be moving to California next. She created the weekly protest to put a spotlight on the global climate change crises and to push the “Green New Deal” many democratic candidates are espousing on the campaign trail during this election year.

Phoenix who just won a Golden Globe and gave an acceptance speech talking about climate change rather than giving thanks is set to win this year’s Academy Award for Best Actor for his amazing film “Joker”. 

It’s very likely his name will be mentioned this coming Monday when the Oscar nominations are revealed. Phoenix along with his partner Rooney Mara use their celebrity to speak out on behalf of animals on a regular basis including a recent undercover investigation Mara participated in with Animal Equality an animal rights charity that exposes the harsh conditions in farms.

We can look forward to the Hollywood couple continuing to promote veganism and animal rights well into the future especially with their acting abilities shining in films like “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, “Her”, “Walk The Line” and many others.

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