White Castle Adds Vegan Cheese To Impossible Sliders

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White Castle has had the Impossible Foods Impossible slider for several years now and an upgrade is coming that should have vegans and plant-based dieters cheering. 

This spring beginning on March 1st White Castle will start offering plant-based vegan cheddar cheese at all of their New York and New Jersey fast-food locations.

The new vegan cheddar cheese can be ordered on vegan or non-vegan menu items and we are crossing our fingers that it will be delicious!

Made by the plant-based vegan food brand Good Planet Foods who create very delicious vegan analogs of traditional cheeses it will hopefully help change people’s perceptions of vegan cheese much like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have with their products.

Previously to enjoy a slider in its plant-based vegan form you had you request it without cheese and hope they didn’t mess it up.

White Castle successfully tested the Impossible sliders back in 2018 at 140 locations. It did so well they soon after placed the Impossible Slider on the menu of all of their 385 nationwide (United States) locations.

“Our Impossible Slider was an instant Craver (fan) favorite, but it’s about to get a new dimension with the introduction of dairy-free cheddar,” White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson said. 

“We are excited to bring this new non-dairy, vegan item to Cravers in the New York and New Jersey areas with the hope of taking it to other markets in the future.” He continued.

In 2019 White Castle posted to their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that they were in development on adding vegan cheese after selling an average of 300 or so Impossible Sliders Impossible Burger at each location every single day.

“We’re committed to innovation, and we’re always looking for ways to do things better and make things better for our loyal customers,” Richardson said. “It’s exciting to be the fast-food restaurant that’s leading the trend in providing plant-based options for consumers.”

2019 was a record year for many companies that tested and then quickly launched vegan products on their menus from Burger King and their Impossible Whopper to Beyond Meat and their Beyond Burgers and meats making it into Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, (For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), Subway, Little Caesars and even Dunkin’ with a Snoop Dogg sandwich.

2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for meat alternatives with Beyond Meat launching a burger at Denny’s, JUST Egg having a bigger facility that is allowing them to launch new products at Whole Foods Markets and so many other food stories.

The world is going vegan in this new decade more than the one before it and it’s amazing.

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