End The Vegan Tax!

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For over a decade now Starbucks has carried soy milk at all of their locations (since 2004). But still we are being charged extra for the plant based alternatives despite mammary fluid milk prices dropping like a stone and 2500 dairy farms a day closing as the dairy industry collapses despite being propped up by tax payer funded subsidies given out since WWII.

Back when Starbucks introduced the soy milk option it was a novelty and a rarity much like many vegan plant based alternatives to milk. Heck you couldn’t even find refrigerated vegan milk in most places back in 2004 you had to either order the vegan milk powder through mail order catalogs, buy the shelf stable vegan box milks if you could find them or just make them yourself from scratch.

But times have changed drastically and our current world has an abundance of vegan plant based choices at restaurants and grocery stores nationwide. So why hasn’t Starbucks or many other retailers for that matter not changed to accommodate the ever growing vegan population?

Most establishments will charge 5 dollars extra for plant based cheese on your pizza with vegan pepperoni and other toppings will all cost you a premium. In a time of ever growing options from the Impossible Whopper at Burger King, the Beyond Burger being tested at McDonalds in Canada, to the vegan fried chicken being tested at KFC why are so many establishments still gouging vegans?

Dairy free vegan cheeses, meats, and milks are more abundant and available than ever just looking in any U.S. or UK grocery store and you’ll see vegan meats in many brands and varieties right next to the flesh versions in the meat section. In fact vegan meat alternatives are set to hit 140 Billion a year! Even animal ag giants like Smithfield have gotten in the meat alternative game with products like their plant based Pure line of vegan ground beef, burgers, and sausages.

It’s time to end the vegan tax and we’re looking at you Starbucks to lead the charge here and help make this change as everything begins to normalize with plant based diets that have surged into the American and western worlds zeitgeist thanks to documentaries like “The Game Changers”. 

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Brandon Kirkwood

Animal Rights Activist (ARA), Vegan, Creator and editor of Vegan News, Father to an awesome cat named Boba, Youtuber

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